Right Now, the DISD Board is Probably Yelling At Each Other Behind Closed Doors

As I noted, earlier Jim's at 3700 Ross Avenue, where, at this very moment, the board of trustees is behind closed doors, no doubt arguing over the ramifications of the Texas Attorney General's opinion that the trustees should not have extended their terms from three years to four last November. Jim filed this moments ago, just as the board disappeared -- "for hours, I fear," said Dr. Schutze, who's too scared to leave and lose his seat in the packed house.

As soon as the meeting began, board president Jack Lowe moved immediately to put the board in executive session. Carla Ranger objected; she said that there was a discussion on the agenda, so, look, she wanted to discuss. They compromised and agreed that the attorneys could describe the AG's opinion for them, then they would go into executive session.

Ron Price arrived late, then said, c'mon, the AG's opinion was not law, so why bother? He said, "I thought all we were here for was to discuss the education of children. I don't quite understand the attention of the media on us folks who don't get paid."

Ranger, with emotion in her voice said, "I am here to talk about democracy." She spoke about how hundreds of thousdands had been deprived of the right to vote -- a right "people died for," she said. "They were killed for it."

Price, though, wanted only to talk about magnet schools, which is later on the agenda. "That's more important than the nine folks who din't get paid to sit up here," said the city council candidate trying to unseat Carolyn Davis in District 7.

"Nothing is more important than living in a country that honors democracy," Ranger countered.

The board heard briefly from two Austin-based attorneys Lowe and Hinojosa hired last week, then disappeared behind closed doors.

Incidentally, we're still waiting on two answers from district spokesman Jon Dahlander: Is the board really considering getting rid of 23 magnet teachers at the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (I see Tawnell Hobbs has asked the same question), and where in the hell is the live feed from Ross Avenue? Dahlander will no doubt respond soon as he has both answers -- I allot extra time for W.T. White graduates.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.