Robert Riggs Has a New Gig

Bobby Goldstein Productions is best known as the company behind the TV series Cheaters. Robert Riggs is best known as the ace TV investigative reporter who, in March 2008, was among those at KTVT-Channel 11 inexplicably laid off during a round of CBS-mandated downsizing. Both Bobs turn up in this fascinating media release this morning: Goldstein has announced that Riggs will serve as executive producer of new programming and development for his production company. Which means? Well, says the release:

Riggs will help BGP produce videos made for the social media environment of: Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook. BGP is developing which empowers the 'little guy' to report corruption and fraud accusations often ignored by the press, media, law enforcement, and criminal justice.
That site is currently under construction; BGP officials hope to have it up by mid-March. Riggs, who started two weeks ago, will initially work as a consultant for the project, for which content will be user-generated, BGP producer-director Rene Guerrero tells Unfair Park this morning. BGP producer Hunter Carson adds that "we want to expand outside of our show [Cheaters], which is great. It works, it's still on the air, it's been 10 seasons. But we want to expand into as much media as we can, and Robert Riggs is a consummate professional and a valued asset to our company." I left a message for Riggs this morning and will update when he calls back, which he always does.

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Robert Wilonsky
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