Robert Riggs Is the Internet's New Sheriff

Couple weeks back, the chaps behind Bobby Goldstein's Cheaters announced that former KTVT'er Robert Riggs had hopped into bed with them as executive producer of new programming and development. And I did talk to Riggs that afternoon, though I never got around to posting the follow-up because, well, Uncle Barky posted his interview with Riggs, and I got otherwise sidetracked. Suffice it to say, Riggs had nothing good to say about his former profession.

"It's the body-bag report now -- car chases, car accidents, apartment fires, missing children and murder in the worst neighborhoods in the city, all because it's easy to cover," Riggs told Unfair Park. "The executives believe it's titillating. So the really talented people are being shown the door." Riggs also explained that he'd be producing some reality-TV programming for Goldstein: "crime, military subjects -- all high-adventure, action stuff."

Which I mention today only because over here you'll find Riggs and former WFAA-Channel 8'er Renay San Miguel, also late of CNN and the world of public relations, playing ex-colleague grab-ass as they chat about, among many other things, Riggs's first venture with Goldstein, the under-construction iaccuse.com. Says Riggs of the site where folks can hop on to complain about anything and anyone at any time, "It's still going to be the wild west of the Internet." That should be fun.

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