Roger Staubach Tosses Enough is Enough's First Pro-Hotel Radio Ad. Really.

I like the title of the first Enough is Enough radio ad: "Really." Oh, really? Really. Anyway. As we've noted before, Roger Staubach's part of this pro-hotel group, and his is the voice heard at the end of the 60-second spot. But before you get to Captain Comeback's pitch, there's another voice warming up the crowd: "Personal attacks. Name-calling. Mudslinging. This is not how we do business in Dallas." Really. Then, the hard sell: "Building the hotel could bring us thousands of jobs and inject billions into our economy, and the hotel will not be paid for with our tax dollars." Oh, really? (Now I see how this works.) Then, No. 12 on your Dallas Cowboys but No. 1 in your hearts ...

This is Roger Staubach. I've worked in the Dallas real estate market for many years, as well as other real estate markets around the country, and I know what a new convention center hotel can mean to our city. A new convention center hotel can give a real boost to our convention business, as well as our city's economy. Let's work together to bring new opportunities and new jobs to Dallas. Please join me in voting no on Saturday, May 9th.

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Robert Wilonsky
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