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Romo Breaks 100; Doesn’t Break Up with Jessica. Yet

Yep, him again.

This item pinged to me from Sportatorium superfan Clay Swartz (hey, us former UTA Shorthorn sports editors gotta stick together), who kept tabs on Tony Romo’s attempt to break 100 on the U.S. Open golf course in Torrey Pines, San Diego over the weekend.

Romo and his 2 handicap played in the Golf Digest US Open Challenge on Saturday, hoping to tame the Tiger Woods-accclaimed “Toughest Golf Course in America.” Aside from looking like a 40-something Cowboys homer in baggy polo, saggy-assed khakis and blue “D” cap, Romo was impressive.

He started the day with a 5-over 40 on the front nine and – despite a triple-bogey on 18 – carded a righteously decent 84. He was the best in his foursome, which included NBC TV morning man Matt Lauer, douche bag singer Justin Timberlake and an everyman John Atkinson.

In fact, I bet a pro will shoot worse than 84 when the tournament begins Thursday. Any takers?

And, before you start going ape shit over Romo not being at Valley Ranch 24/7, at least this outing was within our borders. -- Richie Whitt

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