Today, subscribers to Sports Illustrated will get the new issue. In there, they will find the Scorecard. Turns out, Tony Romo may, in fact, be putting the "score" into Scorecard after all:

"BEING DUMPED is never fun, but Tony Romo seems to have landed on his feet after his girlfriend gave him the heave-ho three weeks ago. Two days later Romo replaced Drew Bledsoe as the Cowboys' starting quarterback (page 76), and last week there was word that he already has a new girlfriend Dallas native Jessica Simpson. Romo has declined to comment, but he did dine with Simpson's father and manager, Joe, in Los Angeles earlier this month; he also treated Joe to tickets for the Cowboys-Cardinals game on Nov. 12. Romo knows how to impress a girl's dad: He passed for 308 yards and two TDs in a 27--10 win."

Then there's this from MSNBC this morning:

How about the rumors linking him and Simpson, which spread after he gave her dad tickets to the game in Arizona?

"No comment," he said, smiling again and turning away from cameras, claiming he had to hurry off to a meeting.

OK. It's official, right? --Robert Wilonsky

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