Ron Kirk Tells CBS News He Suffers From "Bush/Clinton Fatigue."

Ron Kirk Tells CBS News He Suffers From "Bush/Clinton Fatigue."

Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, interviewed by CBS News' Brian Goldsmith, talks today about his buddy Barack Obama -- and about his "very good friends" Bill and Hillary Clinton, who, he notes, have been "very good to me." It's a very long Q&A interview in which Kirk tries to choose his words very carefully about the two Democratic candidates -- he's all about the Obama, for whom Kirk's been known to do a little paperwork, but Kirk tries awfully hard not to bad-mouth Hillary Clinton, who he calls "a very gifted public servant [who is] strongly committed and passionate about the issues that she cares about."

But for no good reason other than it apparently made him laugh, I present to you this one wholly out-of-context line from Ron Kirk's interview: "I can make fun of my cross-eyed son, but if you say it, well, we're gonna have a fight on our hands." --Robert Wilonsky

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