Texas Rangers

Ron Washington for Manager of the Year

Owner Tom Hicks admits he almost asked for Ron Washington's jersey back

There’s a contingency list for if and when the Texas Rangers’ season goes south. General manager Jon Daniels and president Nolan Ryan admit the team might revisit Ron Washington’s job status in July. And, as if the manager needed any more insecurity, owner Tom Hicks tosses another bucket of ice water on the preposterous proceedings.

Asked by KTVT Channel 11’s Babe Laufenberg over the weekend how close Washington got to getting fired recently, Hicks responded bluntly, “Pretty close."

While you and me and Morning News columnist Kevin Sherrington scratch our heads pondering why management doesn’t just shut its collective pie hole, the Rangers somehow keep winning.

Considering that he’s got no Kevin Millwood, no Brandon McCarthy, no job security and a roster straight from AAA Oklahoma, I’m going to start pushing Washington for AL Manager of the Year if he rights this ship to .500. I even saw a guy hit the cut-off man last night. -- Richie Whitt

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Richie Whitt
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