Round-Trip Taxi Ride from South Dallas Motel 6 to Longview Ends Badly for Cab Driver

The Motel 6 Fair Park is the type of place certain southern Dallas pastors fear will be neglected by app-based vehicle-for-hire services like Uber. It's south of Interstate 30, offers weekly rates and is right next to a Furr's cafeteria, which suggests a paucity of the affluent smartphone addicts such services cater to.

By contrast, Cowboy Cab is more than happy to serve the motel. One of its drivers showed up there at around 10 p.m. on Monday to pick up two customers. When they said they were heading to Longview, some two hours to the east, he happily obliged.

If you're wondering about the going rate for a one-way, 120-mile taxi ride to Longview, it's right at $225, but the two gentlemen didn't take a one-way trip. When they arrived at their destination, a modest but well-kept house in a quiet residential neighborhood, no one responded to their knocks, so they returned to the cab and told the driver to take them back to Motel 6.

To a layman, collecting a $450 fare from anyone picked up from a discount motel on a seedy stretch of I-30 seems like an uncertain proposition, so it's not terribly surprising that it did not go well for the Cowboy Cab driver. He told police that they stepped out of the cab without paying. When he tried to stop them, he was thrown to the ground, suffering minor cuts and bruises.

Cops arrived and knocked on the door of the room the men said they were staying in. They weren't around, but the motel said they had a driver's license on file for one of them. Even if police follow up, it's unlikely that the taxi driver will get his $450 fare. So, there might be something to Uber's policy of requiring customers to have a credit card on file after all.

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Eric Nicholson
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