Rowdy and Loud, At Least...

Texas Gigs has pulled off one of the coolest local music contest ideas in some time with its Dallas Mavericks Playoff Song Contest. A little more than a month ago, the site posted an open call to any Dallas-area act to write, perform and record a theme for the Mavs' upcoming playoff run, which would blare on the American Airline Center speakers during home games and presumably elsewhere (local telecasts, etc.).

Notice, I complimented the contest idea. There was no question some substandard material would be submitted, but Texas Gigs turned the crap filter off and is forcing voters to wade through19 songs, most of which have nary a chance in hell of winning. If Zac Crain's Sack of Kittens was still around, he'd need two. Honchie's white-boy rap-rock entry deserves a sack all its own.

Some are ill-suited as anthem songs (OSB's smooth, Death Row-era rap track isn't exciting enough), some are cheesy (Ben Zephyr must've recorded its entry between jingles for tattoo parlor ads on the radio), too many have white people attempting to rap (come on, Olospo), and there are even some blatant ripoffs of Pantera's Dallas Stars theme (a fact that makes the band name Memories Past quite fitting). But only two entries sound like they even remotely deserve the victory: The Feds' super-slick rocker "Mavs On Fire Tonight" and PPT's "We're Rowdy Proud and Loud." Thing is, the former is a wholly generic radio-rock song with lyrics that have absolutely nothing to do with the Mavs until a shout of "Go Mavs!" is inserted into the chorus, which leaves Pikahsso, Picnic and Tahiti's catchy, funky nod to the ATL as the best-sounding song. Assumedly, they took the Dungeon Family-Goodie Mob route to appeal to Jason Terry's years playing for the Atlanta Hawks--smart move, guys. Unfortunately, the Feds have sicced their fans on the site, bloating their vote total for the time being. We'd tell you to go to the site and make up your own mind, but, seriously, who has time to compare 19 songs? Trust me: PPT's is the best by far. Vote for it. --Sam Machkovech

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