Innocent until proven guilty. Or at least indicted.

Russ Martin Update: No Update

I’m just a toy-box tinkering sportswriter whose never been indicted, so I’m learning how these jurisprudence things work. The answer: Slowly.

I was wondering this morning what the heck is going on with LIVE 105.3 FM’s Russ Martin. Surely you remember him and his, um, situation?

Hectic, newsy time at the station, what with Ben & Skin coming and Big Dick Hunter going syndicated. But with Russ back on the air the last four weeks and any sponsor fallout and/or boycotts muted – if they exist at all – it kinda felt like the whole thing had blown over, been swept under the rug or maybe even "settled" out of court.


Called Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney David Hagerman this morning and did a little snooping at the district clerk’s office and learned that Russell Dale Martin’s aggravated assault case – No. 1120508 – is still pending, meaning its waiting to be presented to a grand jury. It won’t happen today or likely next week, but it’ll happen.

Martin had his initial court appearance on Aug. 6. But as of now, he hasn’t been indicted. -- Richie Whitt

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