Russ Martin Update: Nothing to Hear Here, Move Along

Those of you bombarding me with emails and hints and rumors of former Live 105.3 FM talk-show host Russ Martin resurfacing on satellite radio, cool your engines.

Not gonna happen. At least for a while.

I was reminded by a radio industry source last night that Martin's split with CBS Radio included not only his salary being paid through April 2011, but also a non-compete clause covering all media platforms. Meaning? Martin can't so much as tape an Internet podcast without jeopardizing a six-figure salary for sitting on his ass and doing nada.

So even though his website is getting tweaked, Russ doesn't have a new radio career simmering.

He does, however, have an upcoming court date ...

Martin's latest jurisprudence appearance in his little legal problems - ring a bell? - comes March 12 at the Tarrant County Justice Center. Martin, remember, turned down a plea deal and, for what it's worth, recently held firm on his foundation's police pledge.

But the whispers are that - as was the case in January - the court appearance will produce little more than a re-scheduling of dates before the thing actually goes to trial later this spring.

Stay tuned.

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