Sacred Star? Puh-lease.

I know the image of Terrell Owens celebrating in the middle of Texas Stadium in 2000 sickens most Dallas Cowboys fans. Well, hate to break it to you, but that star ain't all that sacred.

Want proof? We've all heard the suburban legends about kids sneaking into the stadium and climaxing prom night with their own mid-field celebration. But this is far more troubling: Mike Fisher got married while standing on it.

You remember Fish, my old Cowboys beat-writin' buddy at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and long-time area sports-radio personality. Well, also back in '00--eerie, ain't it?--he finagled Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones into holding his wedding in the stadium and said "I do" right in the middle of the star. Fish's marriage ultimately collapsed--coincidentally, the same result many expect from Jones' relationship with T.O.

Fish rallied, however, and these days his work can be seen on the Dallas Basketball Web site and heard Thursday nights on KXEB-AM (910, home to Air America Radio) talking to Kinky Friedman, Andrea Yates' lawyer Wendell Odom and the like. Methinks Fish should have T.O. as a guest, and they could swap stories on the air about what it's like to tarnish the star. --Richie Whitt

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