Sad Details Emerge In January Drowning of Infant in Southwest Dallas

Justice Hull never had a chance. The 2-month-old, allegedly intentionally drowned by the child of her CPS-appointed caretaker in January, was born to a mother who was already subject to eight CPS reports before she was born. Keshondria Hull, according a report issued by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, tested positive for both cocaine and PCP at least three separate times and was accused multiple times of medically neglecting Justice's older siblings.

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Keshondria Hull was first reported to CPS in 2011. Her oldest child was asthmatic. The child wasn't being given medication, and the family was homeless. Hull wasn't taking her medication for a mental health diagnosis either, the allegation said. During the investigation of that claim, three more reports were made alleging further medical neglect as well as physical abuse.

"Three additional intakes were received during the investigation alleging concerns of domestic violence between the mother and her boyfriend, concerns that the boyfriend physically abused the child resulting in an injury, concern that the mother did not seek treatment for the injury, as well as concerns of substance abuse," the CPS report says of the initial investigation.

In March 2012, Keshondria Hull's oldest child was placed with relatives. Eventually Hull's parental rights were terminated and the relatives were allowed to adopt the child. During CPS' investigation, the boyfriend accused of abuse was never located or interviewed.

A second investigation of Hull began in August 2014. She was accused of physical abuse and neglectful supervision of her second child after she was arrested for DWI. She tested positive for PCP, marijuana and cocaine at the time of the arrested. The accusations were dropped after CPS learned that the child was not living with his or her mother and a placement agreement was drawn up for the family member with which the child was staying. Hull was pregnant with Justice at the time.

Justice was born on November 27, 2014. Another CPS investigation began at that time because Hull again tested positive for PCP and cocaine. Justice was placed with a family friend by CPS pending Hull's release from the hospital for withdrawal symptoms. Hull was arrested in December, and CPS closed Justice case because her mother could not "work services" while she was in jail.

The closing of the CPS case meant that when the woman taking care of Justice asked for help with childcare costs -- the woman's adult son was returning to school and could no longer take care of Justice while the woman was at work -- she was told to contact Child Care Management Services, a Texas Workforce Commission program that provides childcare. She was also told to contact the Texas Attorney General's Office to seek custody of Justice. The caregiver was never successful on either front.

On January 26, CPS filed a final report regarding Justice. She was dead, allegedly drowned by the 14-year-old daughter of her caretaker. Dallas County prosecutors are seeking to try the teenager as an adult. A hearing in the case is scheduled for April 10.

Justice Hull CPS Report

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