Says GE's Electric Car Look-See, Dallas Is Tops to Plug In Before Pulling Out (Of the Driveway)

Few weeks back we noted: TXU's setting up electric-car charging stations in Dallas and Fort Worth, and Half-Price Books' Northwest Highway mothership already has one plugged in. That, right there, is thinking ahead. Because, per General Electric and Deloitte, Dallas is Numero Uno on the list of Best Cities for Electric Cars -- at least, in theory. And how, precisely, did GE bring this report to life? Well ...

Using data from the American Community Survey, a U.S. Census Bureau database, we looked at commuting habits for the 25 largest U.S. metro areas for the population within 50 miles of the city center, based on data collected in 2009. We ranked cities in equal parts by how many commuters lived within a 50-mile radius of the city center and what percentage of commuters drive to work already -- as those are the cities with infrastructure currently set up to handle car commuters.

In Dallas, 2.7 million commuters live within 50 miles of the city center, and 91.5 percent of commuters currently drive to work.

Offered with a tip o' the cap to Sustainable Industries. And They Might Be Giants.

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