Blackie Sherrod, you have not been forgotten. Never. Never!

Scattershooting … While Wondering Whatever Happened to Blackie Sherrod

I grew up waiting, waiting, waiting for the afternoon Dallas Times Herald to hit our driveway so I could spread it out on the living room floor and devour it as an appetizer before supper. At the time, columnist Blackie Sherrod’s Scattershooting column littered with quirky “Make mine sunny side up with three slices of bacon. Extra crispy" detours seemed cumbersome and superfluous. OK, I had no clue what superfluous meant, but I knew anything that strayed from nuts-n-bolts sports was down right annoying. But now I get it.

Ol’ Blackie was the world’s first blogger. He’s now retired. But, thanks to dorks like me who these days mix sports and sarcasm and sideshows into their scrambled eggs with sausage, his scattershots will endure. As in:

... Considering the play of Tony Romo and the production of the Cowboys’ offense without him, does Wade Wilson really need to come back? ...

... As an alum, it’s somehow disconcerting to watch playoff baseball and see the Angels trot out a pitching ace from UTA. Should be proud, I know. But nope, disconcerted ...

... The Mesquite Rodeo has been nominated to win “Small Rodeo of the Year" by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Winner will be announced during the National Finals in Las Vegas this December. The rodeo, which features cool stuff like this, completed its 50th season on September 29 ...

... The Rangers have 99 problems, but the bench ain’t one. Actually, yeah, they’re bench stinks too. I just had to get that line in there. Probably won’t make a bit of difference on the field, but promoting Jim Sundberg can’t hurt ...

... So Cowboys defensive end Greg Ellis demands -- and gets -- a guaranteed raise from Jerry Jones and, just like that, suddenly, miraculously heals? "As the guys in the locker room say," Ellis rejoiced, “Jerry showed me some love." Tell me again about what a great guy and team leader he is. ...

... More reasons to be convinced this Cowboys season will be different, better. The 4-0 record. And the fact that head coach Wade Phillips actually utters this phrase each Wednesday morning on KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket): “Good morning, Musers ..."

... Congrats to all ESPN-103.3 FM listeners. Thanks to afternoon playoff baseball, you will not be subjected to an hour of this orally illiterate blowhard ...

... Dallas went 0 and 2 last night. But the teams did score a combined five goals to beat the over/under. So they got that going for them. Which is nice. --Richie Whitt

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