Schutze Shirts: A Contest in the Making

Schutze is on an East Texas retreat with Dallas administrative judge C. Victor Lander this week, so he won't mind me posting this T-shirt suggested by Friend of Unfair Park "ericthegardener." It all started in the comments section of yesterday's item about the May 5 Trinity Parkway Public Hearing at the Dallas Convention Center Arena, in which a certain Mr. Buzzoff noted that the event offered "a good chance for us to show up and wear our 'I am Jim Schutze' t-shirts!" A little while later, bam, up showed the tee.

And it's a good one too, no doubt about it. But I'm trying to convince the Big Bosses to actually let Unfair Park make and distribute such a T-shirt in time for the event -- because, what, Schutze is gonna stop me? Right. So feel free to e-mail me your designs sooner than later, and when I've collected a sufficient amount we'll post an online poll, and the Friends of Unfair Park will determine which design we go with. (Friend of the show Bill Holston asks we stick with the source inspiration.) No doubt there will also be a prize for the winning designer; I'll hash that out with the promotions peoples soon as they return from South by Southwest.

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Robert Wilonsky
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