Settle This Argument: Who's the Most Overpaid City of Dallas Employee?

Merten just got around to looking at Texas Tribune's list of city of Dallas employees' salaries. He called me, shocked -- SHOCKED -- at some of those numbers. He also wanted to know who the who is Harold Nogle, the fourth-highest paid city employee at $208,000 -- which puts him between Park and Rec head Paul Dyer ($210,493) and First Assistant City Manager Ryan Evans ($204,117).

According to TT's database, Nogle's department is listed as "temporary help"; his title, "human resources." I've asked Frank Librio for more details. He'd never heard of Nogle and is asking, well, human resources. Says maybe he's contract labor?

Here's some background, though: According to this 2001 story ("Big D, Little IT"), Nogle is -- or at least was -- the only man left in the entire universe who knows how to operate LINC, referred to as "the city of Dallas's antique, home-grown operating system." Said one city higher-up at the time, "If he gets killed on an elevator, we're screwed."

According to a May 2009 city audit, it looks like that's still the case: "There are applications critical to the City that are still dependent on the LINC operating system."

Update: Thanks to the Friend of Unfair Park who points out in the comments that Nogle is a clarinetist with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Has been since 1962. It's official: cover story. Mine, all mine.

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