Shami Very Proud of Caraway Endorsement

Tonight's the Democratic gubernatorial debate at KTVT HQ in Fort Worth -- can't wait! In advance of what could be an epic showdown, "hair-care guru" Farouk Shami sends word that he's picked up the endorsement of Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway following a Friday-night winding held by the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance. From the confusingly written release:

Caraway and Shami met recently during one of Shami's many campaign stops and said that he was impressed with the gubernatorial candidate for several reasons, but mostly because "he speaks with experience and from the heart. He speaks about issues -- jobs, economic development -- that affect the average citizen and those who have not had a voice for some time." said Caraway. "He is real and he is committed."

"I am proud to have this endorsement," said Shami. "Mayor Caraway is very much in touch with the communities I am trying to help by creating jobs and those who have been impacted most by the economic downturn."

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