Skipping Your Senior Year? Oh, So Now You Say Something, Linus Wright.

A fellow Thomas Jefferson High School grad forwards along this brief interview KERA-FM's Bill Zeeble did with former Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Linus Wright, who's now one of Governor Rick Perry's appointees to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas's board of trustees. In the clip, Wright suggests that when the state Legislature gets 'round to gutting the education system to trim the $25-billion budget shortfall, maybe we oughta do away with senior year, which is the only good year in school:

The 12th grade has been a waste of money for years. All a student in the 12th has is one required course. We need more early childhood education. because we need to get a kids at 3 and 4 years old, and eliminate the 12th grade to pay for that.

My felllow Patriot wonders: "Why couldn't Wright have said something when we were in school?" 'Cause he was a mediocre superintendent?

And speaking of T.J., which I often am even though I've never once been asked to speak to a class there, when I drove by this morning on the way to work there was quite the parade of parked cars out front. Turns out, it was for the unveiling of the covers of the new White Pages and Yellow Pages, both of which will be graced by T.J. Principal Eddie Conger and six Patriots. Mazel tov. Though last time I used a phone book, Linus Wright was superintendent.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.