Slashing Prices at Wal-Mart Gets You Savings. Slashing Cop Gets You Shot.

Just after midnight Tuesday morning, Dallas police officer Larry Moody shot Jonathan Puckett. It was the 20th time Dallas cops have shot at a civilian so far this year. Puckett was hit in the leg and torso and is being treated for his injuries at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Puckett was spotted by Moody -- who was working an off-duty security job -- and a Wal-Mart loss prevention officer attempting to leave the Retail Road store without paying for a phone charger. After initially cooperating and walking back into the store, Dallas police say, Puckett dashed for the exit. Moody grabbed his shoulder and they both lost their balance. As they struggled on the ground, police say, Puckett cut Moody with one of the four knives he was carrying.

Moody backed up from Puckett while telling Puckett what to do. When Puckett didn't do what he said, Moody shot him twice, once in the torso and once in the leg. Puckett then crawled out of the store and barricaded himself near its entrance. After a brief standoff, Puckett dropped the knife he cut Moody with and was arrested.

Moody was treated and released by Baylor Hospital this morning. Puckett has been charged with assault of a public servant and violating his Kentucky parole.

Of the 20 shootings by Dallas police this year, Puckett is the fifth person to be hit and survive. Ten people have died after being shot by police and another five were not hit by the officers' shots.

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