Sleuthing About Shareslueth

Los Angeles CityBeat, which is staffed and edited by a few old colleagues of mine from New Times Los Angeles during my very brief stay in L.A., has an interview with Mark Cuban concerning, among other things, his controversial investigative Web site Sharesleuth. Chiefly, Joe Piasecki wants to know why the site's been inactive since August 23, when the site's sole contributor, former St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Christopher Carey, posted an update to his August 7 inaugural piece about something called Xethanol Corp.

There hasn't been a post to Sharesleuth for about a month. Is everything going OK with it?

It's great. Should be another week. That's the beauty of our approach. We will publish no story before its time. You can't do that with traditional publishing models.

Cuban goes on to talk about politics (as in, he has no interest) and the media (as in, he has some interest). Interesting. --Robert Wilonsky


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