Slowly. Surely?

Jerry Jones is slow like honey. Wait. That doesn't sound right.

Refrigerated honey. The Wycliff toll plaza. Global warming. Yeah, the Dallas Cowboys' coaching search is slow like that. But at least when owner Jerry Jones announces his hire later this week, we won't be able to criticize him for rushing into a knee-jerk pick.

Though my guy remains the frontrunner, the Cowboys this morning received permission to interview Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera. Likely talking to Jones at Valley Ranch today (probably this very moment), Rivera will be the ninth candidate vying to become the franchise's seventh head coach. Anybody else see the creepy similarities between the Cowboys' search and the Texas Rangers' sojourn for a fifth starter?

In other footbally news, there is one game left in the pigskin season, and it'll be worth tuning into the Pro Bowl Sunday just to see Tony Romo hold on field goal and extra points.

And, finally, how about some weekly Bill Parcells news. Well, not exactly news. More like confirmation that he was, after all, a human being. Sorta. This from Babe Laufenberg, who hosted Parcells' Cowboys Huddle TV show on KTVT-Channel 11 for 17 weeks last season:

"I'm not going to overstate it," Babe says. "It's not like we out to lunch or even had a cup of coffee, but we chatted between shoots, and he could be personable. But one thing was always clear: There was the right way, the wrong way, and then there was the Parcells way."

Miss him already. --Richie Whitt

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