SMU Football: It's Ad-tastic!

Here's SMU's new marketing gimmick for the upcoming college football season. Get it? A pony? And an "up" arrow? Pony. Up. Awesome. And who's behind the whiz-bang promotion? Says SMU's athletic department on its Mustangs Musings blog:

Why a Pony and a drawn arrow? No SMU lettering? The marketing department has worked very closely with the Richards Group to come up with a unique campaign that taps into the excitement of the upcoming season. We wanted something that is proactive, something that will create a buzz and get everyone on board from the players to the faculty and students, the alumni and community. That’s what we believe we’ve found in “Pony Up!” It says we are headed in the right direction -- it says we’ve stepped up our game – it says we are committed to making 2007-2008 a great season!

So that's what it takes: a new ad campaign. Worked for the Rangers, right? --Robert Wilonsky

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