So Africa is a Continent, Not a Country. Whoops.

The first sip: In what is likely to be the first of many leaks in the aftermath of Tuesday’s election, McCain campaign aides told Fox News’ Carl Cameron that they had “great concerns” about Sarah Palin as second in command. Among the issues cited were Palin’s belief that Africa is a country, her inability to name the countries in NAFTA, along with a stunning refusal to prep for her interview with Katie Couric.

“The woman is not a stupid woman,” said Bill O’Reilly, but you be the judge. The full video is on The Huffington Post, which includes tales of Palin meeting with staffers dressed in a towel and throwing temper tantrums after reading press clippings. She was also described as a “shopaholic” and “hard to control emotionally.” Here’s a shorter version:

The second sip: The Texas House is currently at 76 Republicans and 74 Democrats, but Dallas County election officials are in the process of reviewing provisional ballots that could change Linda Harper-Brown’s slim 25-vote victory into a defeat, leaving neither side with a majority. House Speaker Tom Craddick’s power is in serious jeopardy, and Paul Burka examines the current situation.

The third sip: Did Obama help ban gay marriage in California? With 70 percent of blacks voting in favor of the ban, it would appear so.

The fourth sip: Local blogger Ed Cognoski hands out his awards for election commentary.

The final gulp: This takes some time to read, but it’s a fascinating take on how things went wrong for McCain. --Sam Merten

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