So, Carla Ranger's Not Resigning

On Friday, Dallas Independent School District trustee Carla Ranger posted a note to her blog saying that she was resigning. She didn't say why. We speculated instead. But, no, she's not leaving. Not now.

"I've heard overwhelmingly from the community and constituents who have asked me to stay, and I am truly honored," she tells Unfair Park this afternoon. "I went there to serve, and I want to honor their request, and since Friday many people have communicated in many ways. In addition I don't want to cause the district any additional expense or challenges." She's referring to the cost of a special election, around $150,000. "For those reasons I will continue."

The board had called a special meeting on Thursday to discuss how to go about finding her replacement. No need now. But there will be that meeting tonight during which trustees will discuss their election cycles, at the request of Dallas County Elections. Ranger can't attend, she explains on her blog today, but is vehemently opposed to anything that would extend terms.

Ranger never did make her resignation official: She didn't send to board president Lew Blackburn an official letter of resignation, per district policy. Which, she says, was just as well.

"It's been a very challenging last few days," she says with a slight laugh. "I've been listening to the community, though, every day, all day and late into the night. When I heard from them, some were very supportive and offered compelling reasons to stay, and I will continue to serve despite what I see as the direction things are going. We can talk about my reasons for having done that at another time. But I am there to serve."

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