So Dirk, Does This Qualify as a Distraction?

Talking to reporters after the Mavericks' morning practice, Dirk Nowitzki didn't have much to add to reports that Cristal Taylor, the woman arrested at his home yesterday, is in fact his pregnant fiancee.

"It's pretty obvious I'm going through a tough time in my personal life right now, but like I always have, I want to keep my private life private," he told reporters. "Really, I'm not at the stage where I can talk about it or feel comfortable talking about it."

An earlier story from CBS 11 reported that Nowitzki had hired a private investigator to look into Taylor's past, and that the 37-year-old was actually using an alias.

With the Mavericks down two games to none in their series with the Nuggets, Nowitzki and other players said they were primed for game three, looking forward to it, and not about to let off-court events get in the way. Still, we've caught up with Dirk a few times in the past, and he sure seemed like he was he having more fun then. (For the record, that's him playing "About A Girl.")

Update: We've got video of Dirk's non-statement after the jump, though the above photo pretty much tells you all you need to know.

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Patrick Michels
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