Sam Merten
The scene at the Radisson Hotel

So, Houston, Do We Have A Problem?

As Dallas County GOP chair Jonathan Neerman told me earlier, a 20-point margin for Barack Obama would amount to an insurmountable lead to overcome for local Republicans. Of course, with early voting showing just that -- a 20-point lead for Obama -- I grabbed Neerman to see if he was ready to send everyone home.

He says there’s plenty to be happy with, including a slimmer (although still hefty) 13-point lead for Sheriff Lupe Valdez over Lowell Cannaday, what looks like a lock for Dan Branch to keep his District 108 seat, room for Tony Goolsby to come back against Carol Kent, and a heated battle between Bill Keffer and Allen Vaught.

“It’s certainly something we’re comfortable with,” Neerman tells Unfair Park regarding the sheriff’s race. “We’re still right in this thing.”

Neerman stresses that, although the early voting numbers aren’t going his way, he’s optimistic. He also expects Republicans to outnumber Democrats regarding today’s turnout, which he’s “very happy” about.

We’ll find out how happy Lowell Cannaday is when he arrives sometime between 8 and 8:15. --Sam Merten

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