So, How's Hinojosa Doing in Nevada?


Update at 9:40 a.m.: Hinojosa is being interviewed at this very moment. You can watch here, if you have RealPlayer.]

This morning, as you're no doubt well aware, Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Michael Hinojosa will be interviewed by the Clark County School District board of trustees -- because, as of right now, he's but one of two finalists for that district's top job. Which is why, yesterday, Hinojosa and Colorado Commission of Education Dwight Jones spent the day touring Clark County and selling themselves to the couple hundred parents who turned out for two public forums. Let's look at the various recaps outta Vegas.

After the jump you'll find the video from KLAS-TV, the CBS station, which offers proof that parents everywhere like to shout about their crappy schools to the people who (will) run them. The FOX affiliate there has no video, but provides this quote from Hinojosa about why he's qualified for the job: "It's something I feel I have the energy to do, and I think I have the training and background to be able to add some value to what they're trying to accomplish in the school system."

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Hinojosa was asked to explain how DISD fell into that massive money hole in '08. He said: It was all his fault, but it's all better now. Also on the discuss-and-dismiss list: P-Cards!

Dallas also experienced problems involving employee misuse of procurement cards. If selected to lead Clark County, Hinojosa said he didn't know whether he would establish an "Office of Public Responsibility" to root out corruption here as he has in Dallas. He said he would, if it's necessary.

Hinojosa is a proponent of "dual language" programs for non-native speakers of English and Spanish, which would allow them to be taught both languages at the same time. However, he did stress that English must be mastered. "It's the language of commerce," he said.

The Las Vegas Sun wants to know where Hinojosa and Jones stand on "empowerment schools," which are just what they sound like -- schools where teachers and administrators call the shots, how novel! Jones loves 'em; Hinojosa, not so much:

"We believe that you have to earn empowerment in the model that we have ... If you're doing real well, you get empowerment, you get left alone, you get to be creative. If you're not doing well, you're going to get a whole lot of love from us. You're not going to get many options."

DISD's board is meeting today, behind closed doors, to talk about extending Hinojosa's contract. Maybe when Hinojosa leaves -- and he sure sounds like he wants the job -- we can get Dwight Jones?

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