So, No One Else Is Worked Up About DISD Board's Vote to Extend Term Limits? OK, Then.

Yesterday was the deadline for "interested parties" to send to the Office of the Attorney General of Texas briefs concerning the Dallas Independent School District board of trustee's vote to extend their term limits from three to four years. Carla Ranger, of course, is the only trustee against the extension, branding the board's actions as illegal on numerous occasions and "a danger to democratic rule" in November. On December 3, Robert Scott, the state's Commissioner of Education, asked Attorney General Greg Abbott's office for an opinion concerning the extensions. Two weeks later, Nancy Fuller, chair of the Opinion Committee, issued her call for interested parties' briefs.

Turns out, not many parties are terribly interested. Unfair Park called the AG's Opinions Committee this morning, and the woman who answered the phone said, "As of this morning, I don't have anything logged in." Seems odd -- if only because "January is School Board Recognition Month," says the DISD's Web site. "But it's not unusual," says the woman at the AG's office. "We issue plenty of opinions without briefs." No word yet on when to expect this one.

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Robert Wilonsky
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