So, Teachers Who Take $10,000 Buyout Could Still Wind Up Working for DISD Next Year?

Last night, the Dallas Independent School District board of trustees approved that buyout plan for on-campus full-timers wanting to take the money and run before they're laid off. At which point, the district handed to principals a FAQ, which the Dallas Friends of Public Education posted to its website this morning. One thing in particular worth noting:

Question: If the employee is rehired, will he/she show a break in service?

Answer: Yes. The employee will have to go through the entire employment process and there will be a break in service.

Question: Will the employee be eligible to apply for a substitute teacher position with Dallas ISD?

Answer: Employees are eligible to apply effective Sept. 1, 2011.
Which means, if I read the "rehired" part right, teachers who take the buyout could still wind up working for the district next year. I e-mailed DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander about an hour and a half ago for clarification and left him a voice-mail message after that; I'll update when he clarifies.

(Update at 2:09 p.m.: "We don't know if we'll even have any vacancies after September," Dahlander tells Unfair Park, "but this helps inform our budget situation and forces a break in service and allows us to start making some decisions later on the spring regarding possible layoffs.")

On a related note, trustee Edwin Flores -- who made his case yesterday about the relative bargain of a buyout -- sent me something moments ago related to the layoffs of full-timers, which could count upward of 2,000 following the $10,000 offer:
We received another datapoint last night about the costs for terminating teachers. After the 30-50K for the hearings, then, we also have to pay unemployment which is 10K for a year (and if they are eligible for extended unemployment another 10K!). Therefore, our potential liability is 70K!!!

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