So This is What the County Elections Man Meant By a "Dismal" Election Day Turnout

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This'll most likely be our one and only item about the race for the Dallas Independent School District board of trustees -- because, judging by the early-voting numbers, well, not too many folks seem to be all that interested. Take the hotly contested District 1 race, for instance: Incumbent Edwin Flores has the early lead with a little more than 50 percent of the vote -- or, a whopping 661 votes. Challenger Kyle Renard, a pediatrician, has so far brought in 492 votes, while Linus Spiller and Mel Cannon received a combined 173 votes.

Leigh Ann Ellis may not return to the board: She's got 310 votes so far, which puts her far behind Mr. Lois Parrott, Bruce, who leads the District 3 race with 439 votes. Meanwhile, Bernadette Nutall is the frontrunner to succeed Ron Price in District 9 with 405 votes. The nearest challenger, Sally Cain, has 214, while Juanita Wallace comes in with 191 in early voting. You can play along on the Dallas County Elections Web site as results come in. But keep in mind, this should be over early: Bruce Sherbet told us yesterday early voting should account for some 40 percent of the overall tally, with results wrapping 'round 9 p.m.

Update at 8:20 p.m.: Can't help it. Here goes: With 19 of 47 precincts reporting, it's Flores, 1,508; Renard, 1,184. In other words: No run-off; not yet. With 10 of 44 precincts reporting, it's Parrott by a beak: 646 votes to Ellis's 516. And in District 9, where it's seven outta 52 in so far, mark it down Nutall, whose 500 is better than Cain's 250 and Wallace's 236 combined.

Update at 8:55 p.m.: Parrott and Ellis remain close: 1,450 to 1,138, respectively, with 35 of 44 precincts in. But Flores's lead only grows over Renard: 2,339 to 1,798, with all but 14 precincts reporting. As for Nutall, she's got 878 votes; Cain, 616. In other words, Flores wins without the runoff; as for the other districts, Round 2 forthcoming. The night's most surprising result? Melvin Cannon's vote count bests Linus Spiller's and then some; proves you don't need to know how to use a computer to get well more than 200 votes in The Bickerin' 1.

Update at 9:14 p.m.: That Bruce Sherbet knows how to call an election. Looks like we're about done here. Flores is back on the board; Parrott and Ellis are headed to a runoff; so too Nutall and Cain.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.