Sole Suspect in Lisa Stone's Disappearance Tells CBS News: "I Am Not Guilty of Anything."

At last: On Saturday night, CBS will finally air the episode of 48 Hours Mystery devoted entirely to the case of Lisa Stone, who disappeared last June from her Far East Dallas home and hasn't been seen or heard from since. Dallas Police Department spokesman Sgt. Warren Mitchell tells Unfair Park today there's been no change in the case: It remains unsolved.

And so it's been left to Stone's friends from Mesquite High School -- Tammye Markle, Joni Shannon and Tina Wiley -- to try to solve the mystery. Hence, CBS's title for Saturday night's episode, "The Facebook Detectives."

Police have only ID'd one person of interest: Stone's longtime partner Sherry Henry, who wouldn't speak to the Observer when we ran our cover story in November. But Henry did speak to CBS, and she denies having anything to do with it, telling correspondent Maureen Maher, "I had nothing to do with the disappearance of Lisa Stone. I want my life back. I am not guilty of anything."

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Tomorrow, we'll have more from Henry's interview with Maher, as well as an exclusive look from the first few minutes of Saturday night's episode. Till then, the trailer follows.

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