Sherman Allen sure is ... um ... interesting.

Some Freaky Tales, Good God

The rumors floated around for years in the local Pentecostal church scene (and, on Unfair Park, for that matter). But Your Bible Girl's got the inside story: Pastor Sherman Allen’s strange affinities for crystal balls, voodoo and butt-whuppings. In this week’s cover story in the paper version of Unfair Park, we examine Allen's past in the voodoo-influenced Spiritualist church, his rise to prominence in the Church of God in Christ and the 20 years of allegations that the embattled pastor of Shiloh Institutional Church in Fort Worth paddled and sexually abused young women.

Though many men and women of conscience complained about Allen’s behavior over the years, their attempts to stop Allen came screeching to a halt at Bishop J. Neaul Haynes of Dallas, Allen’s overseer in the Church of God in Christ who know everything and did nothing. Bible Girl also reports on the most recent lawsuit filed against Allen, as well as some really freaky stuff that makes her blush. Oh, and been missing Bible Girl? Look for the brand-new Bible Girl blog, coming soon to the Observer's home page. --Julie Lyons

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