Some Teens Were Playing Football in the Street Last Night, So a Drunken Neighbor Threatened Them With a Gun

At 10:30 last night, a 17-year-old boy and two friends, a 15-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl, were playing some late-night football on a Pleasant Grove street when a neighbor, clearly drunk, emerged from a home nearby.

"I've got a dog, too," she shouted at the three teens, which was odd, since no one had said anything about a dog. Then, according to police, she "walked out into the street where she pulled out a black handgun, racked the slide once, and pointed it at the group in a sweeping motion."

The kids called for help from one of their mothers, who emerged to see what was going on. She found the woman standing in the street.

"Come and talk to me," the woman beckoned, all the while keeping her hand hidden behind her back. "I'm a parent too."

When the mother hesitated, the woman clumsily stuck something in the back of her waistband, then held her hands in the air as if this were proof she was unarmed.

"I ain't got nothing," she said, though the mother could clearly see a handgun protruding from her pants.

Police arrived after the woman had returned to her house. She greeted officers wearing a bath robe and reeking of alcohol. She admitted she had been drinking but, despite the Georgia concealed carry permit she was carrying, denied she had the gun, saying she hadn't wanted to bring it through airport security.

According to her version of events, she went outside after she thought she heard one of the children crying after being pushed into the bushes, but she quickly returned to her house. All the rest was made up, she insisted, something the mother denied.

Police advised both women to stay inside and left without making an arrest.

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