Rev. Jeremiah Wright was to be in Fort Worth this weekend. Then Dallas. Now, he might not show at all.

Something Doesn't Feel Wright?

Well, maybe the Rev. Jeremiah Wright won't be coming to town after all. Sure, he's still scheduled to show Saturday at the Friendship-West Baptist Church on Wheatland Avenue -- the location chosen by TCU's Brite Divinity School after it decided the controversial reverend's appearance would be too much of a burden to bear on the Fort Worth campus. But whether or not he'll show is another matter entirely, as Wright has canceled scheduled Sunday appearances in Houston, citing security concerns, and is now noncommittal concerning his Dallas date.

Frederick Haynes, pastor of Friendship-West Baptist, tells the Associated Press that Saturday's event is still "all systems go," but conceded, well, it also might not happen. "We're going to honor him," he told the wire service. "The question is, basically, regarding his presence." --Robert Wilonsky

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