Carrollton Mayor Becky Miller

Soon, Everyone in the Country Will Know the Ballad of Becky Miller

So, let's recap: This morning, Carrollton Mayor Becky Miller wakes up to find that on the front page of The Dallas Morning News, she's been outed as a liar -- as in, no, she did not sing backup for Linda Ronstadt or Jackson Brown; she was never engaged to Don Henley; and she never had a brother who served in Vietnam. Then, just a few hours later, she's national news courtesy an Associated Press follow-up. (Wonkette has already branded her "The New Lying Hillary Clinton!" And, a "saucy minx." And, notes one of the myriad hi-liarious comments, "Her poop is used as currency in Argentina.")

Apparently, her challenger in Saturday's election didn't stand much of a chance before today. But that was before today, when she had to issue a missive to the city council that included the phrase, "I will be consulting an attorney." --Robert Wilonsky

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