Southern Association of Colleges Denies Paul Quinn College's Accreditation Appeal

The president of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools just called Unfair Park with news concerning Paul Quinn's accreditation status. Says Dr. Belle Wheelan, "The appeal panel did uphold the decision the commission had made." In other words, Paul Quinn will remain unaccredited. The decision comes two months after the SACS has originally removed Paul Quinn from its membership list, citing among the reasons the school's debt and a lack of funding.

Wheelan explains that Paul Quinn now has two options: "They can reapply for membership. The other would be to take us to court."

Which is precisely what Paul Quinn intends to do. William Brewer, who is representing the college, made his case to the SACS last week. Afterward he said, "We think the hearing went fine -- good, in fact. We're very hopeful." But he also said that if the 137-year-old institution lost its appeal, he was prepared to take the case to federal court.

A message has been left with Brewer's assistant, who says he will call back later today with comment. School officials said they could not comment on the SACS's decision today; instead, they plan to hold a media conference sometime later this week.

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