Julia Thacker and Keith Fields
Julia Thacker and Keith Fields
Tarrant County

Southlake Cops Bust Couple for Growing Pot In Their Home

Hard to believe just looking at their mugshots, but Julia Thacker and Keith Fields were running a medium-scale marijuana farm out of their Southlake home, police say.

On January 12, cops received a call suggesting that they check on the safety of an infant who lived at 125 Sweet St. because marijuana was being smoked and sold at the house. Cops say their investigation led them to believe there was weed in the house. After getting a search warrant, they found 55 pot plants, multiple firearms and a bunch of ammunition.

The house at which the drugs, guns and baby were found.
The house at which the drugs, guns and baby were found.
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The infant is staying with a family member after being relocated to Child Protective Services. Thacker and Fields have been charged with the possession of between five and 50 pounds of marijuana, a third degree felony punishable by two to 10 years in prison.

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