Speaking of Firing Teachers and Rainy Days ...

By now you've read this (I hope), and it now appears the governor's going to allow the state Lege to take $3.2 billion from the Rainy Day Fund to pay down some of that budget shortfall, which may just save a few teachers' jobs. But Michael Quinn Sullivan, president of Austin-based Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, ain't having it: Texas Insider directs our attention to a series of statewide-running ads about to make their Dallas debut in which a school administrator willy-nilly decides how to RIF teachers, the point of which is that administrators needs to go, not teachers. Says Sullivan:

"It's sickening to watch bureaucrats bully parents and teachers into believing that raiding the rainy day fund and hiking spending is the only way to protect the classroom. It just isn't so. Lots of teachers, and classrooms, can be protected with better spending decisions at the local level."
No doubt, Michael Hinojosa's just thrilled with the use of 3700 Ross in the ad above.

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Robert Wilonsky
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