Spend 20th Anniversary of Times Herald's Demise With Von Erichs, Dabney Coleman

I asked Schutze yesterday: "You know what tomorrow is?" His response: "Um, Thursday?" Well, yes, that -- and the 20th anniversary of the death of the

Dallas Times Herald

, which was bought by

The Dallas Morning News

on December 8, 1991, for $55 million, and then

shuttered after 103 years in existence


It was a Sunday, to be specific. Right around this time 20 years ago today, I was headed into the office when my editor, Kim Marcum, called to say I didn't need to rush in to write that Barry Manilow piece after all. So, see, some good came of it. I was the first to the paper that morning, before the army of Belo security guards showed up to make sure we didn't get out with anything now belonging to Robert Decherd, like our personal clipping files or that TRS-80 Model 100 I've somehow managed to misplace.

Not much remains of the Herald. Perhaps you recall it was just one year ago we discovered that cache of artifacts -- paintings and photos of execs and writers, old lamps and desks and etched glass whatnots -- The News had shipped off to Consignment Heaven on Henderson. Said former Belo archivist Judith Segura at the time, "There's no other value to them except as memorabilia." Maybe not to you, Judith, but I'm looking at my framed photo of former owner and publisher Edwin J. Kiest at this very moment. I'm thinking of buying Jim this belt buckle for Christmas. Hope he likes it. But don't try calling 748-1414. It's been disconnected.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.