Stalking Stevie

I went to the American Airlines Center last night, and, like you, I want to pull Steve Nash's hair out. Little bastard did it to his old team again, scoring 10 straight points in the blink of an eye down the stretch to help his Phoenix Suns rally over Dallas in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. But try as I could, I wasn't able to track Nash down after the game. Instead, I found TNT lard-laden loudmouth Charles Barkley and his posse at Hotel ZaZa's Dragonfly, but he's already bald.

If you wanna give Stevie a piece of your mind--or perhaps buy him a brew-- this afternoon he'll be doing what 99.99% of NBA players never even consider an option with free time: watching soccer. Instead of reviewing film of his Wednesday heroics, Nash will tear himself away from his luxurious digs at Hotel Crescent Court to watch his favorite sport (soccer) at his favorite Dallas watering hole (Ten). Seems Nash's beloved England--long story, he was born in South Africa and raised in Canada, but his dad and brother both played professionally in the U.K.--plays Belarus in a World Cup tune-up today at 2:30 p.m., and Nash has a table and TV reserved from long-time pal, former Mavericks trainer and Ten co-owner Chad Lewis (and don't be surprised if a chum named Dirk shows up too). Maybe if we all buy Nash a shot today, he might actually miss a shot tomorrow night. Cheers! --Richie Whitt

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