One of the guys in this picture will no longer play for the Stars. One of the guys in this picture will debut in a Stars jersey this fall. We guess it matters.

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Let me check...yep, Dallas still has a hockey team. After their disappearing act early in the Stanley Cup playoffs last April, followed by their burial courtesy of the Mavericks' playoff run, the Stars were all but deleted this summer. But, alas, they finally peeked out of their hole with the release of their

2006-07 NHL schedule

. If you haven't kept up with the hockey doings lately, you're not alone. Here's what we missed: Bill Guerin and Jason Arnott are out;

Jeff Halpern and Matthew Barnaby are in

. Other than that, Mike Modano will still score some goals, Sergei Zubov will still run the power plays and goalie Marty Turco will be brilliant until the playoffs start. The fun commences October 4 and will be highlighted this season by the NHL All-Star Game at the American Airlines Center January 24. That's a Wednesday. Which, of course, means hockey still has a long way to go to become a major sport again. Extra credit: Who won this year's Stanley Cup?



--Richie Whitt


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