Stars Win ... Yawn ... Stars Win!

In case you missed the end of Stars-Starks Game 6 (and 7 and part of 8) -- only because the end came long after yesterday turned into today, 'round 1:24 in the a. m. -- here's the conclusion, which sends Dallas to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2000. Incidentally, Richie posted his recap early this a.m., for those who need words to go with their pictures. In San Jose, they're just ... sad, awww.

And in other news related to a team owned by Tom Hicks, this morning the Los Angeles Times takes on the fiasco that has become Hicks' ownership of Liverpool FC. The take's an interesting one, courtesy Liverpool playwright Nicky Alt, who tells the paper: "Why people turned against the Americans is that all of a sudden, all this stuff is getting aired out in public. It's like the whole tradition has sort of been wiped out in a year, what we stood for." One tradition Tom Hicks has not wiped out, of course, is the Texas Rangers possessing the worst record in the American League. --Robert Wilonsky

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