Starting Wednesday, Dallas Police to Up the Number of Officers Looking for Drunk Drivers

There's no place like home for the holidays -- right, Perry Como? The Dallas Police Department couldn't agree more: At this most wonderful time of the year, DPD once again launches its Home for the Holidays DWI initiative -- since, after all, "December, historically, is the highest month of the year for alcohol related crashes."

At a press conference this morning, DPD announced it will triple the number of DWI officers on patrol between November 25 and January 5. Usually, there are 10 full-time DWI task-force officers. But this news: The department will not be implementing the controversial "no-refusal" blood-draw policy during the holiday season.

"We can, but we chose not to," says Lt. Jimmy Vaughan, adding that it's very possible the DPD will kick-start the initiative around New Year's. Most officers at the conference suggested the no-refusal policy's been shelved, for the moment, due to a lack of cash -- maybe. "Could be funding," says Vaughan. "Or it could be a lack of time."


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