State Board of Education Candidate: Pilgrims Were Communists, And That's Why They Died

Allow us to introduce Gail Spurlock, a Republican from Richardson seeking her party's nom for the State Board of Education seat. She has some interesting things to say about history in this interview with the North Texas Council, a group "concerned with the direction our country is taking with regards to fiscal responsibility and the lack of constitutionality of our government laws." For example, the war raging in the BOE isn't one of culture. It's about "restoring history." Spurlock is shocked, just shocked, about everything she didn't learn in grade-school U.S. history, like how all the pilgrims were total commies. No, really, before Lenin, there were those damned Quakers. But communism was their downfall, and "as a result of that half the people died in the first year." Then they opened the Bible and embraced the free market.

H/T Texas Freedom Network

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Brantley Hargrove