Staubach, Aikman and Other Cowboys Greats Throw Their Support Behind Tom Leppert

Former Mayor Tom Leppert may well need a Hail Mary come the March 6 GOP primary -- if, that is, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst can maintain his frontrunner status in the race for the U.S. Senate. So, then, who better to lock up for an endorsement than Captain America himself? Says Roger the Dodger: "I am proudly supporting Tom for Senate because he has the vision, knowledge, and business experience to get our country back on track." Bombs away.

Roger Staubach, though, is but one among seven Dallas Cowboys Leppert's lined up with their thumbs up: There's also Troy Aikman, Cliff Harris, Daryl Johnston, Bob Breunig, Chad Hennings and Lee Roy Jordan. Says Aikman: "As mayor of Dallas, Tom helped turn around the city by making tough decisions that weren't always popular. In the NFL we call that leadership, and it's exactly what we need in Washington." What say you, Mooooose? "Tom was an outstanding mayor of Dallas who made the city safer, rejuvenated the business sector, improved the school system, and fought for ethics reforms." Wait -- what?

Meanwhile, Craig James will also run for the Senate, looks like. Meanwhile, Quincy Carter has endorsed Mark Stepnoski for, like, anything, man.

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Robert Wilonsky
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