Stay Classy, Judge David Young

"Fort Worth Native on Emmy-nominated Court show." That was the subject heading of a missive sitting in UP's e-mailbox this a.m. Which didn't quite prepare us for the actual contents concerning a forthcoming episode of Judge David Young, one of the dozen or so People's Court knock-offs airing on KDFI-Channel 27 while you're at work. Appearing on next Tuesday's episode:

One-legged lover gets stiffed on bills

Gary from Fort Worth, TX, who recently lost his leg in a car accident, is suing ex-girlfriend Patricia, claiming she took advantage of his emotional state by stiffing him on unpaid bills. Patricia denies owing Gary for any money and is actually countersuing him for living expenses.

Sounds more like an episode of Judge Reinhold -- and s'up, Arrested Development fans? --Robert Wilonsky

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