Stay Classy, San Diego

Dunno if you've heard the story about Watauga Department of Public Safety officer Jason Reddick: He was fired in May "for having racial innuendos and sexual content on his MySpace Web page," says the Fort Worth-Star Telegram, and reinstated on Tuesday due to a procedural error in his dismissal letter. After that got taken care of, the guy got suspended again. To be honest, not all that interested.

What's far more interesting is the KXAS-Channel 5 story about Reddick's case that ran earlier this week. It so tickled someone they posted it to YouTube, where at least one viewer has taken to calling Mike Snyder "Ron Burgundy." All I gotta say is, it's not entirely Snyder's fault; he's not the one who put up that picture of the Orlando Magic's J.J. Redick (you gotta be kidding me). But is Mike referring to Evita, has someone messed with the TelePrompTer, or can he just not read? Enjoy.

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