Steeeerike Three!

Drew Henson was gonna be the quarterback of the Cowboys' future. As of today, he's a thing of the past.

Not that you should be surprised--some of us proclaimed him a bust a year ago--but Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells just announced that quarterback Drew Henson is on the trading block and, one way or another, won't be on the team's roster this season.

Henson was supposed to be the Cowboys' quarterback of the future when owner Jerry Jones "stole" him from the Houston Texans for a third-round draft pick back in 2003. But he's pretty much sucked from the start. He played one half of one game on Thanksgiving '03, but Parcells yanked him at halftime, and now he's buried behind Drew Bledsoe and Tony Romo and recently signed rookie Matt Baker, destined for the same fate as another failed baseball player experiment named Chad Hutchison. Says Parcells, "I don't keep players that I don't think can play for us." Ouch.

In other news, the team released offensive lineman Stephen Peterman--which doesn't mean much, really, other than the draft of 2004 was a disaster. Gone are Jacob Rogers (2nd round), Peterman (3rd) and Bruce Thornton (4th), leaving only Julius Jones (2nd) as a starter from the eight-player haul. --Richie Whitt

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